Marshall Historical Museum at the GAR Hall

  • Location: 402 E Michigan Avenue
  • Hours: The museum will be open 12-4 p.m. weekends beginning April 2.
  • Fee: $10 for adults. Visitors also will receive a coupon for admission to the Honolulu House Museum. There is no charge for children age 12 and under and for Marshall Historical Society members.

The Marshall Historical Museum at the GAR Hall is designed to tell Marshall's stories.  Focus areas are It Happened in Marshall, Things Made in Marshall, Community Life, and Marshall in the Civil War. 

There is a new special exhbit about the life of Harold C. Brooks and his impact on Marshall.  Brooks (1885-1978) was Marshall's leading citizen of the 1900s.  He managed the Brooks Rupture Appliance Company for most of his adult life.  He was philanthropist, community benefactor, preservationist and historian. The exhibit includes Brooks' 1920s Steinway player piano that has been described as the ultimate home entertainment system of the Gatsby Age.

This building was constructed in 1902 as the meeting place for the Grand Army of the Republic, the organization for Union veterans of the Civil War.  The GAR remained one of the most important advocacy groups in American  political life seeking benefits and recognition for veterans.

Featured at the museum entrance is the Hinkle Automatic Theatre, an early 1900s marionette show, that once toured southern Michigan communities.  It was donated to the Marshall Historical Society by the Steve Trupiano family.  Steve's grandfather Frank Hinkle constructed the set and his grandmother Julia Hinkle designed and made clothes for the figures.  The marionette show was restored several decades ago by Jim Bryant.

The section labeled It Happened in Marshall shows key events in the city's history including the Crosswhite incident win which local residents prevented the return of to Kentucky of an escaped slave family, and how Marshall almost became the state capital.

The Things Made in Marshall section includes a Marshall folding bathtub, a buggy made by Page Buggy Works, items associated with the Brooks Rupture Appliance Co. and the F. A. Stuart patent medicine business, and the large counter and numerous ledgers from the Brewer dry good store. 

There is a large poster from the 2018 movie "The House With a Clock in Its Walls" based on the novel by local author John Bellairs.  On display is the 1950 J. C. Higgins bicycle which Bellairs used as a boy traveling the Marshall sidewalks and developing his imagination. Other Community Life exhibits have items showing what life in Marshall was like in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

The Civil War items include those relating to Capt. DeVille Hubbard, who in 1861 organized the Marshall Light Guard that became part of the First Michigan Infantry Regiment.  This unit traveled to Washington, DC, where it was greeted by President Abraham Lincoln.  It  later participated in the first Battle of Bull Run.  Equipment and photos relating to other local Union soliders are displayed.  There are also numerous items related to veterans' activities including souvenir medals and reunion posters.

The GAR Hall was obtained by the Marshall Historical Society from the City of Marshall in 1976. 



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