Honolulu House Bedrooms May Be Restored back

Architectural designs made for missing wings

By George Whelan, President Marshall Historical Society


I am excited to report that the Marshall Historical Society Board of Directors has approved and financed an architectural schematic design of the original Honolulu House sleeping wings with the ultimate intension to historically reconstruct the missing structures.  These bedrooms were part of the 1860 construction but were removed approximately 100 years ago. They extended to the west from the north and the south ends of the main building.   The sleeping rooms were each about 11-foot square with hallways connecting to the main house.


The design was completed by Randy Case of, Architecture and Design from Battle Creek.  His design is based on information from historic photographs and hand digging to locate the original foundations.  Tentative thinking is that the south sleeping wing would be furnished as a bedroom would have been in the 1880s, keeping with the theme of the main house museum.  The north wing will most likely be used as the museum office.  The space under the additions would be used for storage.  A porch, as originally existed, will be added on the west side of the house to provide access to the wings from the outside. 


The project architect has estimated the reconstruction cost will be from $230,000 to $260,000.  A working group is being formed to explore fund-raising options and opportunities.  If you would like more information or would like to comment on the proposed project, call the Marshall Historical Society at 269-781-8544 or send an email to info@marshallhistorical society.org.     

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